We are roasting daily, we're also roasting to order. So this means the coffee you receive is going to be roasted within 24 hours of any weekday, after placing your order. So in short, it doesn't get much fresher than that!

Yes, you'll receive an order confirmation and once the item has been dispatched an email will go out with tracking information.

This is obviously a loaded question with plenty of variables. We do our absolute best to have orders dispatched the same day as ordering (Weekdays only). Sometimes our couriers are delivering in 1-3 days to most metro cities Australia Wide. Rural areas could be 3-5 days depending on your area. When dispatching we choose the freight company with the lowest ETA to make sure it gets to you ASAP.

In our experience, we find that AusPost is just not reliable enough and their shipping times are too long. So we opt to use a range of different couriers, each state seems to have a courier company that works better so we will choose whichever courier has the lowest ETA. So you can get your decaf as fresh as possible!

Decaf Questions

This is a totally objective question with no correct answer. You can take solace knowing that we don't stock low grade or cheaper decafs because all we care about is the best tasting options.

Absolutely not, we agree the name sounds like it's something serious. But in truth, it's passed every food health and safety protocol known to man. Cool fact - a simple Banana contains 20 times more ethyl acetate than a single cup of decaf.

No it doesn't, there are some unique differences but the decaf coffees retain most of the goodness from the original product. All the decaffeination plants processes have been optimised to retain the most amount of flavour as possible, in fact that's their primary objective.

Did you know that Antioxidants consumed in a normal coffee drinkers diet are the single biggest source in the typical Western diet.

The decaffeination process only removes about 15% of those antioxidants meaning you're still getting a great amount with each cup of decaf!

In short we see the decaf at it's peak flavor for up to 4 weeks. Normal coffee arguably has an extra week, maybe 2 if it's stored correctly.

Because decaf has gone thru a secondary process after the farm, this disrupts the cell walls in the coffee making them ever so slightly more poreus. C02 created during the roasting process is what gives an espresso it's crema cause by the reaction between hot water, high pressure and soluble minerals. Because decaffeinated coffees pores have been disrupted it allows the C02 to escape from the beans a little faster. Speeding up the deteoration process a little.

That's why it's so important to purchase freshly roasted decafs, and steer well clear of coffees sitting on a shelf at your local supermarket.

It certainly is, in fact many doctors orders are to reduce or remove caffeine from your diet entirely whilst pregnant. The truth is, the idea for building Decaf Co came about as my wife was pregnant and wanted more options so we began to realise just how amazing the higher quality decafs actually are! If you head over to our blog you'll find plenty of information about drinking decaf during pregnancy.