Which Decaf Process is the best for me?

Which Decaf Process is the best for me?

For many decaf lovers or people thinking to make the switch, the idea of being caffeine free can be somewhat daunting both in the concept of decaf and the idea that it just doesn't taste as good. However, with advancements in processing methods, specialty decaf coffee is now a somewhat flawless alternative to regular coffee and we're pioneering this scene in Australia. In this blog post, we'll discuss three popular decaf processing methods: Swiss Water Process, Mountain Water Process (Also known as Glacier Water Process), and Sugar Cane Process, to help you determine which method is right for you.

Swiss Water Process:

The Swiss Water Process is the perfect choice and most common place new decaf drinkers start, purely because they've been around for such a long time and seriously know what they're doing. Unlike older, outdated methods that use chemical solvents, this process uses water and the naturally occurring soluble solids found in green coffee to remove caffeine gently. This preserves the taste and origin flavors of the coffee, providing a delicious cup every time.

At Swiss Water Process, they pride themselves on deep and diverse experiences as roasters, baristas, Q Graders, educators, traders, scientists, and engineers. With their expertise, they consider each coffee's origin and physical attributes such as moisture, density, and water activity to adapt the decaffeination process for each new batch continually. Using production data along with research performed at independent laboratories to improve the process, ensuring a consistent high process quality across small or large batches. Plus, the decaf coffee is guaranteed 99.9% caffeine-free, has a stable water activity for longer unroasted shelf life.

So, if you're looking for the best decaf coffee in Australia, you can't go wrong with the Swiss Water Process.


Mountain Water Process:

The Mountain Water Process (MWP) is another fantastic option that has been a real treat to work with in the roastery. This method of indirect decaffeination uses pure water from Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico, to extract caffeine while retaining the coffee's flavor compounds.

At the facility, they begin the Mountain Water Process with chemical analysis to determine optimal conditions, then steam and prepare the beans for extraction. The extraction process uses a water-based saturated solution, along with precise combinations of pressure, vacuum, and environmental temperature, to extract caffeine while keeping the coffee's flavor compounds intact. The result is a process so clean and chemical free that the end result can retain all certifications for Organic Decaf, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, and more. It's not easy to maintain Organic certification because of the stringent standards required so this is a fantastic result for the team at MWP.

With the Mountain Water Process, you can enjoy decaf coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free and still maintains the quality, taste, and characteristics inherent to the green coffee's origin. Again, the process ensures a longer unroasted shelf life with consistently high-quality results across small or large batches. Whether you're looking for a specialty-grade coffee offering a range of taste profiles or highly traceable, exceptional coffees with limited availability, our MWP decafs have got you covered.


Sugar Cane Process:

The Sugar Cane Process gets its name from the way they extract the caffeine which is slightly different from the above water processes. Sugar Cane Process takes advantage of a commonly used compound called Ethyl Acetate (E.A.) found in sugar cane (hence the name), which is a natural decaffeination method. This process involves steaming the raw coffee under low pressure for 30 minutes to open up the coffee's pores and make it easier for the caffeine to be removed. The coffee is then placed in a solution of fresh water and (E.A.), where the caffeine molecules bond with the salts of chlorogenic acids inside the raw coffee. This solution is then recirculated with fresh water for 8 hours until all caffeine content is removed.

The Sugar Cane Process also preserves the origin flavors and taste of the coffee, we also find the decaf coffee is significantly sweeter than the other two methods, meaning when drinking as a milk based latte or cappuccino this sweetness really shines making it a very pleasant, enjoyable and comforting experience.

This process also retains all the certifications that farms work hard for, including Certified Organic, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, and others. While some people may prefer other decaffeination methods, the Sugar Cane Process offers a unique and natural alternative that is worth trying for those who prioritize organic decaf coffee.


So, which method is right for you? It ultimately comes down to personal preference. Because this was possibly the most common question we ever receive thru Decaf Co we decided to make a sample pack that gives you one of each method so you can make your own decision and we want to hear from you, which process is the best? Try our Decaf 3 Pack with Free Shipping included you really can't go wrong.

To wrap things up, if you want a completely chemical-free process, Swiss Water Process and Mountain Water Process are great options. If you're looking for a more sustainable option, Sugar Cane Process may be the way to go. Whatever your preference, all three methods are free of any harsh chemicals and are so pure they are able to retain all Organic Decaf certifications. So now you can make delicious decaf coffee that is perfect for any time of day.

Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack
Decaf 3 Pack

Decaf 3 Pack

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Introducing our Decaf 3 Pack - Coffee Sampler. The perfect way to discover your new favorite decaffeinated coffee.

What's in the Box:
1x 300g Bag - Swiss Water Process
1x 300g Bag - Mountain Water Process
1x 300g Bag - Sugar Cane Process
All this includes Free Shipping @ $69!
All three decafs are medium level espresso roasts, selected at random and roasted fresh daily.

These three coffees are roasted fresh and selected at random, giving you a chance to try a variety of our decaffeinated coffees and find the one that you love, with the intention of you discovering your new favorite and making your next purchase with confidence.

And with free shipping included, this is an affordable and convenient way to explore our decaffeinated options and make sure you never run out of your new favorite coffee.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Ian Chatt (Bunbury, AU)
Best Decaf i've had so far

Having recently changed to Decaf coffee, it seems there is a big difference between good and bad. Maybe caffeinated is the same, however I'm not prepared to put up with "bad" coffee.
Have received my 3-pack sample & so far, it's way in front of anything else I've tried. For a start, it tastes like coffee, the crema from the beans in my Breville Oracle Touch coffee machine is excellent whereas previous beans I've tried, the crema came out watery with very little crema on top.
As I'm still working my way through my sample packs, I want to try a dark blend to see how that comes up.
No complaints at all from someone who loves their coffee but had to change due to Health reasons. I'm fairly sure there will be other benefits as well.
Thanks Decaf Co, I'll be letting others know how good your beans are

Graham Bamford (Sydney, AU)
Excellent brew

My wife is the decaf drinker in the family, whereas I am but the barista. We have tried several decaf brands because coffee gives her the jitters (some decaf have also had this effect!). At last, we have found a decaf that meets both hers and my high expectations. I use a fine grind, and make her cappuccinos in my beloved espresso machine, all part of the ritual. The smell while grinding is great, and the crema as good as any. I have enjoyed a cup or two myself, but the real test is SWMBO. She loves it!! Flavour as good as (dare I say it?) a “real” coffee, with none of the nasty after-effects. A thoroughly enjoyable experience all round. Thanks!!!!

K Aston (Brisbane, AU)
Wonderful brew

Full bodied, robust and smooth decaf blends.
Very happy with this product.

Rhonda (Sydney, AU)
Excellent Coffee

Had reservations about this coffee but it is fabulous. Can't decide which is my favourite they are all so good.


Love love love. The best decaf I have found.