Decaf that tastes good,
Really Good.

Life's too short for average decaf.


The smell of this coffee is incredible, even my husband who doesn’t drink coffee, loves the smell! It doesn’t let down in taste either, chocolate and caramel permeate this delicious decaf bean, I’ll never buy anywhere else! It’s also great as iced coffee ☕️

Billy B.
Verified Buyer

Superb taste and super fresh

Fast delivery, ridiculously fresh beans and seriously amazing taste. First time trying decaf and won't be looking back.

Bianca B.
Verified Buyer

Highly recommended

I've tried a lot of decaf coffees and usually expect to be disappointed... This is the freshest and tastiest I've had. It's a delicious medium roast, no bitterness, and the crema is superb!

Verified Buyer

Can’t pick a favourite

Beautifully roasted beans. Taste magnificent. We buy the 3 pack, and honestly can’t pick a favourite. They’re all delicious!
Delivery is always super quick (no, seriously, how do you do it that quick?)

Verified Buyer

Proper rich brew

This is the most punchy and flavourful decaf we have tried so far! Lived up to the hype. It is not a typically weak decaf brew. Love it !❤️

Jan B.
Verified Buyer

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Are you new here?

Starting with our Decaf sample pack is a great idea for new customers who are unsure of what to purchase from us. It allows them to try a variety of our decaffeinated coffee blends and find their favorite without committing to a full-size bag. It's also a cost-effective way to explore our products and discover the taste and flavors that they prefer. This can save them money and ensure they find a product they truly enjoy.

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Swiss Water Decaf
Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaf Co is an exclusive specialty decaf coffee bean roastery. We are one of the only fresh 'roast to order' coffee roasters whose sole focus is to support the decaf coffee drinkers around Australia. We have a vast knowledge roasting high grade specialty coffee and have been awarded in some of Australia’s most coveted competitions for our efforts.

We have now dedicated every ounce of that knowledge and transferred it to roasting decaf coffee beans to the highest quality because we know how good decaf really can be. We vow to bring you variety, high quality decaf and most importantly freshness.

Decaf Co — The Best Fresh Decaf Coffee

We love coffee. It is why we have spent years perfecting coffee for Australians to enjoy each and every morning. Now, we set our sights on decaf coffee — to allow our customers to enjoy the most flavorful and rich coffee possible without caffeine. 

As premium coffee roasters, we have identified three key reasons why other decaf coffee products fail. It is our mission to address these concerns and craft beautiful decaf coffee you can enjoy morning and night. Decaf coffee has been unfairly branded due to the failures of poor management within the supply chain and production of the coffee. 

Here's how we address those concerns;

Many coffee roasters around the country are purchasing poor quality raw decaf coffee beans. This is due to the lack of demand and understanding for the product. Why would roasters purchase high-quality beans if their customers either do not want the product or understand it.

One of the biggest issues for cafes serving decaf coffee is that it is not grinded fresh. Cafes around Australia purchase pre-ground coffee because the demand for the product is not enough to justify freshly ground coffee. Grinding decaf coffee beans may require hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars’ worth of equipment, staff training and more to serve this fantastic product. You wouldn’t expect your regular coffee to be pre-ground when you buy it from a cafe — why should decaf coffee beans be any different?

Freshness; this has plagued the decaf market in a multitude of ways and these issues are compounded if the coffee beans are purchased pre-ground. Decaf doesn't have the same shelf life as normal coffee. It is because the beans go through a secondary process after being harvested. In turn, this makes the beans more fragile. The result is a shortened shelf life for the roasted beans.

The only way to combat this is to buy fresh decaf coffee beans. We roast all your orders fresh. They aren't sitting in bags from last week. You place an order, it goes straight to our roasting log sheet.

We roast it, 
We pack it, 
We send it.

Yep that's decaf >>

Don't be fooled by peoples lack of knowledge. Decaf is great! Freshly roasted, freshly ground and freshly brewed. That's how you get results!

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